Petition for Amber:

Hi hope all well. Hope you do not take offense at opinion below. I like to think of opinions as onions some you bite into raw not good don’t like, some you are fried with steak and well they taste nice. Be careful of whose onions you taste – that’s all on you.

I hear voices and have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I interact with Spirit and the Divine and give unusual opinions or onions. Below is not meant to give offense meant to write something similar when I heard about Johnny Depp but did not think I could or would make sense. Not sure it does now but feels like I just want to get it off my chest. I think I am turning into a grumpy old man who gives out about everything. Not sure I care either way.

A Prayer for Amber Heard and Johnny and the Great Herd:

I reckon by cultural standards I know of and experience most days. Amber Heard is not so bad rough start to life that’s it, might be a bit of a well not very nice person but by cultural standards I have meet she a f**king Saint. I really believe this. Please don’t kill me I just have seen this played out in life now and then.

Public opinion V’s  lemming    (is there really a difference in the heat of things)


lemmings (plural noun)

  1. a small, short-tailed, thickset rodent related to the voles, found in the Arctic tundra.
    1. a person who unthinkingly joins a mass movement, especially a headlong rush to destruction:

“the flailings of the lemmings on Wall Street”

To Compare for Example:

I met one woman who drove a car into her boyfriend because he was driving her nuts broke both of his f**king legs why she was annoyed at him Amber just took the tip of his finger.

Heard another woman bit a dudes dick clean off a drove around in car with it in her mouth and spat it out a window like fair enough he was doing the dirt, but Amber only took the tip of his finger. Come on.

I know of one guy cut his dick off after having a conversation with his ex (wow ex’s right) he just lost interest in it that much after one conversation. I mean she just took the tip of his finger. (Guy could not stop the blood in Hospital sowed on after). This could be considered extremely manipulative and abusive by the woman in question. You should not remove body parts I agree but they were married it got heated I have heard off stories of people well throwing things and harming each other. I mean back in the day the Irish Mum would beat the head off you for looking at her wrong. It’s an Irish Thing. We Changed mostly.

She did some cocaine so the f**k what. I know of stories they had to change the shelfs in the toilets as so much of this was done in the pubs. I mean Divorce’s can be messy to my knowledge they can be horrible once they open up on each other.

I read a story the other day that said at a family party someone wrote in feces on the wall on the Bathroom “There is no Toilet Paper” I mean F**k Me a Family party. What she did was rude and wrong I am not arguing that.

Just she is not the worst Bad person we need as Good Folk to Point he Finger and say ohh we were so fooled by you on purpose on Full Lemmings Blaze and hurt the pure innocent Johnny. We feal so hurt let us repeat the exact same f**king thing on Amber. The Fuck.

The Marriage went pear shaped in all honesty who the F**k Knows what went in it.

I mean seriously to any folk understand the concept of personal responsibility of what they said and maybe did to the Good Johnny Depp. Never mind what she said in their full on Lemmings Blaze at him now aimed at her.

I am not saying she is in a good place or even a good person, but by the cultural standards I have heard of and met she is not the worst, and nobody deserves the public lemmings at work at that scale. First, they charge full tilt at Johnny laid waste on the guy because they could that’s it no other reason.

It would have not mattered what she said the target was painted they let loose with full intent. I stopped reading the stuff about the guy it was horrible. That was just a short time ago. I don’t think you get over that ever. Lemmings Win.

In theory in that time frame, we could have just let the guy be, we could have told him sort yourself out some might have even tried to support him under other right saintly lemmings giving them a bit of grief for being Good Folk.

We could have done what the humans do best absolutely shred the fucking shit out of the guy. Aren’t we Super Lemmings. What happened to supporting each other I saw something once a tribe in Africa when someone does something wrong, they take him to the middle of the village light a fire and sing his praises in a circle around him some believe they had that this helped and supported the community and individual for the better.  We consider them backwards. F**k knows why when I look at us more civilized folk I mean Lemmings. I think I don’t know I was branded with schizophrenia in my studies of it I am considered a bit below average IQ. Ouch a little till I met the Mental Health team and there response and thought their all psychos to be honest.

I have a memory from somewhere there was a TV broadcaster who did something off and the good folk or lemmings as a phrase I like to coin charged at her in righteous indignation at such a character of low morale fiber. I reminded she killed herself because of the weight of public opinion. Lemmings Win.

If memory serves, I remember a broadcaster reporting on same and saying we should put laws in place to insure this does not happen again against one individual or it will just continue on and on.

I guess we just continued without a care Johnny could of died by his own hand in that year or so just by the weight of public opinion, Lemmings Win almost, but he lived Thank God.

People could see Amber Heard as a Shitty person (forgive the pun also if you laughed like why they were both in Hell and not f**king well) but how they react to her is completely a sign as they are they the same shitty person they view her as or mind their business or they could try help her and see her as a troubled person who could do with a hand. Honestly, I hope she is not dead in a year by her own hand.

Lemmings Win. Thank God for Good people in the World. Thank Good Johnny made it at such a righteous charge of lemmings on his person. Lemming Lose. So close I heard it took its toll on him.

I mean the lemmings in ohh so righteous air bit questionable themselves. Publicly verbally f**k you and then Publicly offer you 10 million at this glorious f**king moment of your life (Divorces right messy) pay you to bend over in some Porn to some delightful dude to by the bunch of lemmings that talk sh*t and be be less than slightly Saintly themselves and would enjoy watching same in righteous indignation, I am sure. Lemmings Win. I see Mortal Compat in mind with Fatality as Lemmings pose with smile the Devil himself would cringe at. I would question even if the Dark Mother would take a second look at them and if she did not sure they would want that face of her.

The comments I read on Facebook “It’s all over This is all your Good for” Men and Woman that claim a righteous air and feminists as well nothing personal if your worth is based at taking cheap shots at this person in this position now that’s a reflection of you. Instead of Johnny she is declared fair game in the now (looks a bit iffy to me)

I remember a while back, I think I looked at Johnny and they were f**king him hard publicly without lube I mean nasty. Public declared open season on him, and lemmings followed full charge and tilt.  I prayed for him I had a strong feel it would change if he lived long enough, he did Thank God. Ahh Lemming Loose. What a Shame.

Look if they were at a point shit is in the bed f**k knows what happened between them. I don’t want to know leave them both alone. I pray for them both for 15 months of marriage they both paid one Hell of a price. I hope there was at least some Joy in the bloody thing.

Imagine your life a rough start (some abuse or other I don’t know the full details) to life its psychiatry labelled you unpleasant to say the least the Bi-Polar label has been used to write off bothersome woman for a long time, (I believe this term was used in some articles I looked up.) I did not follow the case I don’t like watching public lashings. Not my think.

Every Lemming out then less than Saintly acting the c**t every chance with self-righteous air and smile even the Devil would cringe at. All Righteous air and Grace of course. I question if the Good Jesus or The Dark Mother would bother with them or teach a lesson no one will hear.

I mean they accused her of being a disaster of a woman for using the women’s movement. Are you f**king Kidding me it happens for whatever reason, it’s a divorce “All fair in love and war as they say”. I don’t agree with but that was the position I thought they were in. I always liked the term everyone is working and uses their own truths and life can get messy. There are still 100% bad guys no question but f**k me everyone lies or tells their truth who am I to Judge may the God Lord above at least spare me being a good and righteous Lemming on full charge I pray at least.

I even discussed this once with a group of women some agreed they saw people do this but she could not say anything because you just can’t as may some under full attack of the Lemmings on full charge with intent locked in and fully set. You would not last a week.

I mean it’s a divorce they are messy to say the least to any who went through them.

I Pray for both these two folks in the marriage as I did for Johnny first day. May Amber Heard be safe and if she comes under constant charge of the Lemmings May Her Highest Powers Angels and Archangels and Guardian Angel Keep Her Safe and those that attack her at well not exactly the highest moment of her life. May these Lemmings in there incredible thrust of shooting from the hip be politely reminded of there omm so righteous selves are not so squeaky clean to say the least. I mean look in the mirror for the love of God and Goddess at least once please.

May we be careful 

on our Ohh so righteous  

horse or you may be  

reminded of your Ohh so 

righteous deeds. 

Oh Holy Holy me 

May I not fall off my  

Holy Horse on to my 

Holy Ass and look silly 


I not saying she is a Nice Person just acting like we can say and do anything about her now the verdict shows we can act like and Well Be Not Nice People to her reminds me of the colosseum and the crowds baying for blood and bread with eyes seeing red. Hopefully as a group one day we can just grow a little past this. Please, It Shall Be.

It is always Good in Love and Light

Mike Ryan

May we all be safe from

the ever so righteous

charge of the Heard

of Lemmings we

could face

ourselves at

any turn.

Lilith and the Injustice and the Cup of Tea:

I write little story’s work with energy Spirit the Divine and hear voices as well giving colorful and interesting views and experiences in the world. I write these as little stories I write with a little pinch of salt and poetic license. Never sure what to make of them. Enjoy be aware strong language and trigger warning of triggering topics.

Lilith and the Injustice and the Cup of Tea:

So, there he was minding his own business as a good man should. Having studied the Bible with a Good Friend online about Good Angels and Demons alike. Started as confused as he finished but such can be the Good Book to those who seek and see.

Relaxing with a cup of Tea minding his business out the back under the beautiful night sky he listened to Billy Shoestrings – Dust in Baggie. Great song about a life of sin. Tied in nicely with the Bible studies with the good man online that gave his time freely in Good Jesus that good man that man did his best for the Good man drinking his tea his deeds half Mad and half Divine indeed.

Up popped the V/P in full flow determined to bring hell down on his head degree and declaring full intent of Hell on such a righteous chap he was having studied the Good Book as Best his half mad half Divine head could.

So, the Good Book and Stories of same they brought to the ohh so righteous man in his madness and divine need. Voices outside and inside they let loose like demons from hell itself with questions the silver-tongued devil himself would be proud off with righteous energy in toe.

They declared and degreed so little man of ohh so righteous need and deed did you see how Adam (Bible version) sexually assaulted the Good Lilith (Mother of Demons and a lot more interesting and colourful talents, the man pleaded complete innocence on the manner.)

So, the man sat their head lowered in thought for what they claimed this unrighteous deed that was unjustly left be and no justice was ever served.

He said good Father on high I have many read and heard stories here of many things around this area. I say burn all their books to Hell for they all claim different and right and wrong of everything. I ask you Good Father on High can this be true if so, I ask Justice on the matter as this is not a small matter to be left as unjustly paid. If I can act as arbitrator on the manner or healer if safe so, be it.

The Good man had heard stories of the ground opening up0on mention of such folk took a quick look around him but nothing appeared so kept on praying.

Two very bright lights flashed around him one on the right and one on the left he felt a silver energy around him protecting him it was new no clue what it was. Called Michael The Archangel to check same energy. It kept him safe from entity ‘s and V/P for a while and felt empowering. He felt a presence in him that just sat there waiting for each move patient watching and within for everything set up, no hatred in it.

He then saw a large moon to his left to quickly disappear. He felt glad to be mad as this makes things like this easy to forget and make nothing from and just write a little story with a pinch of salt added.

The V/P were fuming with fire in eyes blazing in numb er and energy and said that is not the story we want you were meant to condemn us to hell as unrighteous whores ya bastard. The man ohh so righteous indeed without breaking sweet or prose simply replied I do not like the word whore, and it is not for me to judge for I am thought ohh so lowly thought of those of so righteous deed. For is not they most high who judge such matters.

He finished his cuppa gave praise and thanks to his father on high enjoying his half mad half divine head for just as while.

He gave thank to all involved and praise were required. Might be a rough night ahead as V/P did not quite get what they requested.

It is always Good in Love and Light.

Mike Ryan

The Curious Cat and the Energy of Eve (Adam’s Second Wife)

The Curious Cat and the Energy of Eve (Adam’s Second Wife):

So, I work with energy and Spirit and Divine and hear voices and various concepts around beliefs for myself alone. I Write with a pinch of salt. I would not take to seriously but interesting but find story below interesting. Below is not meant to give offense just some thought and energy work on a day off.

I felt the need to work with the Divine concept of Eve as an energy previously has got into conversation with Voices about Eve and Lilith. (I write below slightly in third and first person)

I felt Eve was grossly misunderstood and imagine a woman being made form a man rib (fuck me like no) Spoke to the Devil himself for knowledge of course bit witchy but I felt she was something else.

If she did not do this, we would never of known strife and never of grown in any way and stayed essentially clueless wondering around nude without a care in the world with no shame or guilt. I kind of feel she was just fulling the book. It is not like God/Goddess didn’t know what was going to happen.

She is blamed for some for original sin, ouch and by others as a nice lovely subservient obedient wife. Like cheers for that one.

I feel we all owe her for a world we make which makes us what are good or bad. Or a world which views us good or bad. Like her.

Imagine then being thrown out in the wild with Adam. Raising Kids and taking care of a family.

I could almost feel the rage of having to raise kids which are great but the need for your own freedom. Also, Adam saying well it your fault. (fucker)

Honestly how she is viewed since a clueless by some or the origin of sin by others. Bit harsh to say the least.

I feel how she is viewed as this since also more or less painted nude to half the fucking universe like calm the fuck down (fig leaves or not).

Imagine you are looking at humans as this for the last beginning of time years saying well she did her best for the origin of all sin and clueless and naked. (she was a very obedient wife and campaign) like burning rage now but big smiles always like fuck all y’all.

You would be super fucking pissed I would say a complete sociopath that would kill a person by stabbing them in the face with the end of the wine glass you were holding. But on outward appearance all is fine no problem as she laughs and skips out the door with bloodied wineglass singing so long fuckers (might be some tell tail signs).

If Lilith (Adams’s First Wife) saw both kicked out I would imagine Eve well they might have been allies can’t imagine big fan of Adam over time.

Imagine a woman the embodiment of this just looking at us like fuckers it was one fucking apple give it a fucking rest. I get the symbolic meaning just saying.

I note I heal through the feminine energy not sure what tat says about me.

So, off I go to ask for the energy of Eve. I asked and tuned into my usual spiritual guys. The second I sit light energy around me it was nice. I was visually handed a pocket of flowers.

The energy was very polite very enlightened Heavenly in origin. I felt an intelligence about it that was very enlightened more intelligent than any human I have ever met. I could feel in the energy the intelligence it had. I had to look for its dark side it was slow to show me it was dark but again so polite it would not harm you but tell you go away very and strongly politely of course but there be no arguing.

I stayed in the energy a while and visualised balancing it or healing it for best use in duality if used again. It did not need much.

I got up and felt the fragrance of flowers very liberating my body felt good like it wanted to dance. I felt very invigorated slightly tantric in nature but more accepting of the body as is without need to do anything other than eat healthy and exercise.

I used it at a spiritual circle a week later. The energy was appreciated and fine as people in circle do energy work themselves and their own guides to check over.

It is good to know there is intelligent life out there on the dark days as well the world can be a bit people sometimes.

It is always Good in Love and Light

Mike Ryan

The Flip Side of Jesus Energy:

The Flip Side of Jesus Energy:

So, I work with energy and Spirit and Divine and hear voices and various concepts around beliefs for myself alone. I Write with a pinch of salt. I would not take to seriously but interesting but find story below interesting. Below is not meant to give offense just some thought and energy work on a day off.

One of my voices would not shut up and get out of my face. I thought out of the Blue what is the Flip side of Jesus energy nice distraction from the voice. I call on various energies with protection from Michael the Archangel and Jesus. Was looking at Hermetic Truths that people are both Devil and God or Saint and Demon.

I was wondering what the flip side of is the Jesus Energy I channel like assuming it is not the Devil obviously as in Hermetic beliefs as much as I have read Jesus is both which is fine for explaining humans, we are both as such.

I don’t think this applies to the Jesus energy I channel, and I have found I can flip an energy to show me its dark side as we are in duality, so I got curious.

I meditated on Michael Archangel Energy and Called usual Protection in. I worked it as I thought correct and safe and asked energy in. Noticed a light energy right in front of me but told it hold off till I get a fix on what I am at as voices still acting up.

I relaxed for a while then asked the energy in a bit felt it in both hands as light Divine energy reminds me of Angel energy. I opened my eyes and saw nothing sometimes I see stuff it various mostly I just feel it.

I asked the energy to show me its dark side if safe and allowed and protected. I felt a vibration on my left hand and looked into it and saw a fire of love that burned so bright and consuming it would do anything for you.

I mixed the energies of both hands together and threw them into my body to see what they felt like. The placed light energy around the body that protected me from tactile sensations for a while.

I felt very relaxed for a while after, and the voices calmed down which was great.

I think at least this gives little credence that the flip side of Jesus itself is not so much the Devil etc. but a love that is all consuming it will do anything but is tempered in the Divine light.

The simple black and white belief that the flip side of Jesus energy is the Devil is grand but to basic and black and white. A love that is all consuming could if left unchecked be over barring and all-consuming can to some be viewed as dangerous but still be love but very little to do with the Devil.

Slightly different to the opposite of Jesus is the Devil stuff. I had been looking at the Bible with another fellow. I could not understand his answer to why God would allow suffering by teaching us a lesson and letting it on earth.

I think the energy would show he loves so much to allow to take harsh lessons in this life, so we grow. Not sure that is a good enough answer but as close as I can get with energy while learning.

It is Always Good in Love and Light

Mike Ryan.

Ship in a Storm

Hi, I Hear Voices and interact with Spirit and the Divine. I write little story’s with a pinch of salt in mind. Hope you enjoy be aware they can be colorful in language and topic.

Ship in a Storm

So, there he was man considered small and if ill temper and deed. A small cowardly man of small mind laughed and scorned, and they name they gave these People of ill temper and ill deed focused with true intent of evil nature and deed determined and knowing to the point of not caring not only for Human nature or their own kin, never mind the anything even resembling the truth never mind this man considered beastly in nature and deed and mad and not a very smart for he does his best poor dear.

He channels energy of massive and intelligent nature from most high balancing and delivering of darkness and light to higher calling balanced in good deed.

These people of evil nature and deed in numbers and power grazing and festering of their own ill nature and deed. Feed him energy of ill nature and deed most unpleased but this little creature they feed, and lecture made some friends of beneficial and interesting nature have been most helpful indeed and with luck will help others like him who hear demons of ill nature for many centuries to come. He wishes all well in such times.

To have been any support to such good folk he finds humbling indeed for when they are ready to receive in times to come in need. They will have gifts of great nature only they could hold and empathize deeply for they have pain so deep their mind creaked and cracked under pressure pain from people of ill nature and deed, but the more possibility of light balanced with darkness this path is always an option.

This little creature this pup they called and wrongly accused of ill deed on a good lady. They send in front of firing squad of another good and fair lady.

Day and night they battered him a ship in a storm more than used to weather sails up with slight middle finger raised with yell in heart but not out loud for a quite man of deed. Sits in front of the good fair lady of far-off land with still a slight candle lit for same.

Truth she seeked are rear quantity indeed. Truth, she commanded he speak and but his mind they tainted he replied ask your own with and odd reply of I am not sure. Upon checking she found this supposed little man innocent even do his reply’s seemed sluggish and shy and prerecorded how odd they thought indeed. When she asked of course I am innocent for I have no such interest indeed but perhaps those of ill need and deed have been shown for a little of what they are.

The meeting ended well with complaints on the energy work he had done all in good spirits.

Now these creature’s of ill need and creed so sure of righteous in pocket. Get up close to this supposed small minded and stupid man though so small off deed. Try to make a deal with him to damage what little his mind and body have left.

To make him look stupid and small of mind They looked sounded so big and bad with deal made and gloating in toe. He takes one look you fool as stupid as I am I would never broker such a deal for the the Good Lord fights my battles and any who seek to make deals with me speak to him first and a few good friends I have made under his watchful eye. Just to be on the safe side.

You might have been better making a pact with the devil indeed for now you no doubt will perform many a good deed and be of good nature for at least at least a few in need.

Furious this ill person the thoughts of it outsmarted by this pup in front of her. Screams like devil in need did not the good fair lady you had a shine for accuse you of ill deed to another good lady are you do not hate both who set you up and lied to you those you thought friends indeed. Never forget we will catch you and something with teeth she smiled large as sharks indeed.

After a breath he removes swords from back for many have been pulled and forgiven and offered to trade on high in forgiveness for the power of such is support for good folk when need.

He replies we all tell the truth in our own ways and Hate is simple a path to Hell to well-trodden by many he feels no need to add to for he has chosen another path a higher path of a higher calling he tries once again not to stub toe on.

It is always Good in Love and Light.

Mike Ryan

The Light in the Darkness

I hear voices and interact with Spirit and the Divine and unfortunately people now and then. This can lead to some rather unusual experiences. I like to call My Little Stories I write with a pinch of salt.

Below is a bit Dark would not read if not in mood and as always with a Good pinch of salt as dark poetry

J & C in Love and Light always

It’s a hole that consumed many 

whole. An orifice is known and 

unknown from which shit 

flowed in many directions 

consumed by the masses 

whole who danced with 

delight and its taste and 

danced in delight for 


What flowed from its holes 

are comparable  to tidal 

waves of flies and shit.

With smiles all around 

covered in same.

Death itself would stand

up and take notice at the

the stench of untruth from 

such high places.

Consuming all in its wake 

with little care and thought 

and deed for any other 

then the chant of 




It’s insanity they crave.

Day and night it rants 

and raves. Till even 

the crows and ravens 

make note at its craze.

No deeds too cheap 

none too dirty all is 

hidden under its

silent gaze.

The dead layout before 

it’s an ever-so-righteous gaze. 

The defeated and shamed

they cry, kneel before us 

as we laugh and gaze.

It is shit we feed open 

wide and feed before

ohh ever so righteous


Defeated and dazed left 

crazed in the desert with 

thirst for truth but never 

phased. As they looked 

and gazed and taunted 

with Devil’s gaze and

ever so righteous 


They stab and poke in

the hope of anything alive 

bite us they laugh so we

can have an ever so clever 

gaze. Just one bite they cry

 after years in the desert in

a buzzards cave.

The Goddess they cried

fowl off very cleverly points 

what’s left of him to heavenly

gaze him in heavenly gaze 

with prayer in mind with a little 

bite and craze.

To Jesus he prays to his knees

he gets with standard raised.

The armor is well worn and 

repaired with strength 

renewed in righteous gaze.

He kneels before God with

Prayer in the blaze.

Your judgments are given from

darkness and cave. Now see the

 light as he stands and casts back

 the gathered darkness and masses

 with desert ablaze.

Standing defiant till the end with head 

bowed but not to the darkness as

buzzards with truth from holes and

orifices over flowing flies and shit 

from the grave of the unknown.

In Jesus we trust in Jesus we Pray,

It is always Good in Love and Light and to humbly give praise.

Keep up the Good fight.

The Label

Hi I Hear Voices , Just blowing of a little steam below it is not meant to be offensive but probably is might be best avoided if not in a good place

The Schitz

You all got the mass schitz. Psychiatrists got this covered; they call it something like mass psychosis or group psychosis. A group of people have a certain amount of beliefs all considered completely delusional. I didn’t say nothing you hearing the voices.

I believe they have labels and lots of medication that goes with this. For example imagine you don’t know me, you are on your own, having this experience and you are trying to explain this to your family but they say nope you nuts. To be fair they try the

Spiritual types they say nicely you nuts but they try.

Imagine you try to explain this to your GP he says nope your nuts.

Imagine trying to explain this to various Psychiatrists, psychologists ,therapists and councilors yup they all say you nuts but most are very nice about.

Word of advice don’t tell close friends when driving cars no matter how much they insist to tell them you got the schitz they might crash the fucking car.

So if I hear something “I don’t understand you”. Off you go try to explain to your Local Psychiatrist but don’t  mention me just some guy/woman is causing all these things to you.

See how far you get you hear voices that’s the Schitz.

You have delusional beliefs (any spiritual beliefs anything outside cultural narrative ) that’s the Schitz.

You have tactile sensations you got the Schitz.

You see folk doing things you believe you are causing or are done through you that’s all the Schitz.

You believe in miracles, that’s the Schitz.

You cannot express even a fraction of human anger anymore as you a psycho as you got the Schitz.

There are people outside doing things or listening to you, that’s the Schitz.

People are talking in your head like you 100% sure like you know nope thats the schitz fucked if you will convince them that. Fuck me I tried did not do me any good.

More or less everything you say from that point on it’s the Schitz and they got the smarties for everything.

A few months inside you don’t respond to treatment you just shut up about everything and act normal and fit in, you go back the fuck in and come out worse just to back the fuck in to come out worse, if the pills don’t  work you be lucky if they don’t electric shock your head but they all nice and doing there best and talk to real nice and its lovely and friendly and clean and warm and safe. Personally I have no idea what the fuck they on about but it sounds very professional.

You don’t understand me, try it, see how far you get if you survive the first 5 years, a certain percentage do not . You more or less just settle into it and relax, just the same old thing, nothing new.

Life just goes on and you just keep on trucking that’s it, Weird shit everywhere just fucking everywhere Heaven Hell the whole deal.

They stick the label Schitz on you that’s it you might be somewhat frowned on in the society that happily gave you same label as you met a bastard along the way

You just keep going cause you know you stop you go back in you got the Schitz they all say you nuts and you look so normal in so many ways.

If you got the schiz you get a special medal, most of the folk inside think you nuts, nice folk do. 

They do their best and you leave fucking worse and just start again. So No, you just keep going and going and going and going cause its all Fucked and its all Great on and on and on.

Don’t tell anyone about Spirit cause now that’s the Schitz, Keep your mouth shut just keep going till you don’t.

Given the situation, make you think about the Mass Schitz thing I mean W.T.F.

This is the gift they gave me fucked if I did not find a gift in it as well and a few similar souls with big hearts.

It is always good in Love and Light.

The Terms

I interact with Spirit/Divine and hear voices giving weird and colorful experiences. I liked to place these into little stories I write with a pinch of salt.

I am always curious what my GP or Physiatrist would make of them. I would imagine them backing into a corner screaming for help throwing pills at me. lols

The Terms (Slightly Dark Humour in this one just be warned)

So, there he was minding his own business like a good man should. Watching a film with his Good Friend Mr. C watching the film “Nobody” funny violence that looks like it really hurts.

The bastards came with their bastard imagery and energy. He was ready having received a healing from an earth angel earlier that day he was tired and calm and feeling relaxed. It cleared his heart and believed it helped one of the energies with him.

They started in if you ever hurt one of ours. He stopped them on the spot are we discussing terms he replied. They said we will disembowel you your family your nephews your nieces everyone we fuck you all up they replied. He calmly replied well that is nothing new you have been threatening that for two decades now. So, I might as well do what I want.

You harm one of ours you go straight go to prison you get disemboweled you fuck up your family and family line. Ain’t nothing to us we don’t even blink. He replied again I don’t want to go to prison but again this is nothing new you told me I get this everywhere I go. So, I might as well do what I want you set me on fire and kicked me out into the world as a message to everyone don’t fuck with us. I now understand you like to send messages. So, I fuck up one of yours no woman no children like you of course all men. A man you love and means something to you. So, I fuck up one of yours that sends a message perhaps it is best to leave this guy be.

They smiled their seedy smile you ain’t got the stones. He smiled back stones got nothing to do with it. I balance karma and you are pure evil. Ego and revenge again have absolutely nothing to do with it. You have been fucking folk up I mean I know I don’t even have to check. How many have you sent to some poor souls to one hell or other? They all know folk and I have been a very very very busy bee.

That said there are many who sit with me and watch over me they know you they know all about you and your seedy acts and plans everything. They smiled you will try kill us in our sleep he smiled back not my style. I know you and your style this person you care for would need to do everything themselves.

I would do absolutely nothing I would not even be there we both know the thing’s can be done. (At this point in film Nobody the guy had his finger with string to explosive screaming in the bad guys face you came to my fucking house and you don’t fucking do that”.

Took a second like they just like stood back like WTF. You cursed us they screamed with pure theatre. He smiled back no think of it a Blessing for balancing the bad Karma you will inflict violently upon your future generations which deserve absolutely none of it. This could be seen as balancing of that Karma and getting rid of some of the Karma you owe me and you pass onto to your family line. (At this point the Good Witch they consider a Demon from hell actually smiled it slight dismay as if to say WTF she seemed to be the sanest one us.)

Again, took a second and they did their seedy smiles and a big you ain’t got the stones. He smiled back nothing to do with stones. I am the guy that gets shit done even when he gets fucked up. I see it through you have never stopped me do anything. You fuck shit and everyone up I will give you that but you never stopped me doing anything. (Que the film Nobody “when you walk through the storm hold your head up high” music and 3 dudes all beat the shit up blazing away with guns bad guys falling all over the shop.) He could have sworn he felt some of their ancestors sorting shit out in the background.

They said the Good Lady you met here will never speak to you again. He said fine he is glad they crossed paths and he wishes her well truly she was a blessing in his life.

At this point, he said you are just meant to be a voice so guys belong to you start dropping around the place I am looking at you a bit funny as a voice if you know what I am saying. He has a phrase at this stage may my Good Friends of Good Friends of Good Friends be well I suffer no insult on this. This is important but he cannot remember why.

All he had to do to place this plan in consideration but stepped back a gear and simply looked at them and said I ain’t you and never will be I am not an egotistical evil moron. I understand there are implications of putting this or anything like it into place that could cause problems down the line nobody needs.

That said I did enjoy playing out the theater just out of interest.

It is always Good in Love and Light.

Little Etsy Healing Shop

Hi, I hear voices and interact with Spirit/Divine and do energy work giving unusual and interesting experiences.

I do Energy/Spiritual healing I have an interesting interaction with folk who have entities attached to them and found sometimes there is healing for what we call entities and the person for both to find peace.

Generally, the person does not need to know this they just do their own healing. I have found this can crop up a lot. Probably because I have had a lot of experience of a Spiritual/Divine nature indicating this is probably a line of work I could do if interested.

Plus, I am not really a people person and Spirit is generally much more straightforward. Generally, they make it really clear what they’re about from the start like there is no mistaking their energies I have found compassion & empathy with a completely nonjudgemental attitude goes a long way with a strong bond with Michael the Archangel and The Saints and The God and Goddess most High in Love and Light. To me this is the best way to get things done both here and in the Spiritual/Divine Plane. Safely of course.

If there is any messing around or what I like to call fuckery it is generally people with heartbeats. Like I would say if there is something there causing issues it is because of someone messing or fucking around with malicious intent.

I have always believed we don’t need Devils/Demons we got people that covers everything no matter what is there. If there is messing and something causing issues there trust me some were along the line there was someone messing around with malicious intent.

Doing a Shop on Etsy hope to build it up over time. Any support is appreciated much Thanks and Gratitude have a great day. I have been doing this a number of years at distance and in person and had lovely feedback and trained with the right folk.

Much Thanks and Gratitude to hear and beyond I am always humbled by the support I received by both.

Ignore the Haters but Forgive them for there is power in this we do not see.

It is Always Good in Love and Light


The Morrigan and I

As an Irishman on St. Patrick’s day I give respects to the Saints but seek to pay my respects to my Irish/Celtic Heritage I looked up Cu Chulainn after reading an article from a Witch on Facebook. Thought the attached was interesting. I also hear voices and interact with Spirit/Divine giving well shall we say give interesting experiences I write as little Stories with a pinch of salt.

I can’t but help and laugh at the thought of trying to explain below to my GP and Psychiatrist and I do believe in the stuff but can imagine the look of absolute alarm and dismay on their faces. Behalf tempted to try to explain just for the look on their face. Perhaps Not.

The Morrigan and I

So, there he was like a good man minding his own business. Kneeling at his alter praying away to on high as a good man should and as always, the Good Goddess always has a place in his heart as is his way in Love and Light.

So mid-prayer he half blends with his higher self and has knowledge anew. He feels the Good Goddess she lets him know one of hers was harmed and she wanted vengeance as blood was owed.

Now the man knew he was no match for such energy. So, under the protection of Michael Archangel and Good Jesus he ventured a suggestion as a way around her vengeance for any harming what the Good Goddess Protects.

He came up with the mad or perhaps brilliant idea what if we set out to see the one that was harmed would be the last that this would ever happen to. For whatever reason, this struck a chord. It would be impossible from the start there was no hope for success for such a mission from where he was but as always, he handed it up with all of his prayers.

Well, that was a long time ago there have been a great many things happened since heavenly and horrific experiences since and stuff that is just indifferent.

All he can say about the Good Goddess is she protected him when she could in her own way and the crows warn and protect him when they can. He quite likes the crow’s and he made a few other Good Friends along the way.

He apologies to the Good Goddess for any insult along the way no ill intent was ever meant his mind can wonder and be kicked into all sorts of nasty stuff.

He warns others to mind their manners around her and be respectful particularly men no matter what is offered be respectful in response and pretend to be Saintly in nature even if you are not.

On the writing of this is on St. Patricks day he is reminded of his Celtic history and the Story of the Mighty Warrior Cu Chulainn as mighty as he was The Good Goddess took insult to him (in one of the story’s of him) and as mighty and invincible a warrior he was and impressive in nature the insult nearly cost him his life.

He wonders if the blood death is not payed on the his death will the Good Goddess come looking for her vengeance on those that insulted her and the one she protected who he hoped would be the last harmed in such a way.

It is always Good in Love and Light.