My life is worth living

Not sure how to start this but noticed 2 things in the media recently. (Trigger warning suicide and child abuse)

One a woman who had been sexually asaultied, I can’t remember if it was as a child or a woman. Had been given permission to euthanize herself. I think this was the wrong  choice to make and can’t help but think if she held in there she may have gotten to a place in her life where she would have been relatively happy. I have the memory of being sexually abused as far back as my memory goes to around the age of six or seven and of some repeat occurances at age 16.

I won’t lie I believe this had a serious impact on my life, I have tried to take my life on a few occasions and been diagnosed with schizophrenia, deppression and can’t get my head around being in a relationship. I really struggle in social situations. All that said I also have memory’s of finishing marathons, nice easy runs   On sunny days with my dog, just walking with my dog on a nice day. Some good conversations with people, good music, films, books and food. The sense of accomplishment of losing 7 stone and holding a job for the best part of 3 years and finally managing to stay clear of mental institutions for a few years.

I also read that people have an attitude that people with mental health difficulties are better off dead. I would completely disagree with this , I have a life worth living . There are hard dark days but I manage . There is joy and sadness in my life , I just need to place an effort into staying stable and it is worth it.

To say again MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING . I am not saying it was or is easy but definitely worth it. If any one thinks otherwise feel free to fuck off.

Also doing free online course on understanding depression anxiety and CBT , I find it very interesting , you can do it at your own pace . See link below if any one interested.

Course link here

This post is not meant to cause any offensive to anyone it is just my opinion unless you think my life is not worth living In which case fuck off.

Sorry about language

keep on trucking