Jacqui Dillion & some thoughts

I was thinking the other day if I went back 3 1/2 years ago. I had no job and I had my doubts I could actually hold one, I also had no insight into my illness (I genuinely believed I was being chased by witches, demons or pagans I could never figure out which).  Also I had no future hopes of a job.

Today I research my illness and have somewhat of a better understanding of it. I have been working for about 3 years, long may it continue, and started to take on extra work myself in the hopes to build an extension on to the house. The extension might never happen but at the moment it is a plan.

Did notice 2 voices chanting my name while working today so finished off what I was doing and watched the comedy laser team, bit of a silly film but worth a look. Anyway I took more voices was a sign to take a break from everything.

Tried a little bit of cycling today, the cycling is easier at the low heart rate as you do not feel like your going as slow when compared to running. I am a bit wobbly on the bike , hopefully get used to it.

Came across a website a while back to an amazing woman Jacqui Dillon who hears voices and has had a tough life it’s definitely worth a look, also a podcast about same woman that is very good. I would really recommend a listen if you have not already.

Link to Jacqui Dillion web site

Hearing voices podcast

Keep up the good fight 👌🏽


One thought on “Jacqui Dillion & some thoughts

  1. I know what you are talking about. I’m a survivor, and after 25+ years I’ve got ways of turning evil voices into friendlier ones. I have devoted most of my life to getting this achieved. Good luck to you. We all need it. Check out my “Amazing Schizophrenia Voices” blog or Facebook page, and contact me if you ever need to turn the voices around.

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