Autogenics and Just some thoughts 

Not been doing much other than keeping the head down and working away. 

I did tell my family about sexual abuse I suffered by my grandfather last week. Also I said he was not to be mentioned in my house again, and his pictures to be removed from my house. They seemed fine about it and said I was courageous to tell them about it and sorry I had to go through it. Father suggested I find a group of people who went through same thing. Offered to go to therapy with me. I spend most of my time in the house avoiding parents I don’t fancy him coming to therapy with me. I did not really want to discuss it with them so when they both brought it up once I did not say much. We have not discussed it since which suits me. At least I don’t have to deal with him being in conversation again or have his pictures around the house. I told them by text as did not want to see there knee jerk reaction to it. I thought it went fine considering.

I am trying a lower dose of medication. I mentioned to doctor I was hearing more voices he wanted to up the meds again. I explained I was under a lot of stress at the time and this was the reason it happened. He agreed to keep on current dose . He looked like I had slapped his face when I mentioned sexual abuse. Not sure there is a way to say it happened nicely so I just blurt it out.

3-4 weeks ago voices got bad again but they have died down a bit again. I was thinking during the week of all the things they have threatened in last 10 years nothing has really happened I believe I should keep this in mind going forward. I find ignoring them useful and singing songs in my head over them also useful. I also take the piss out of them a bit and try to use humour. They say by doing this I am trying to befriend them like the last voice I was dealing with which I would laugh at a bit, this voice has started to fade a bit. Be interesting to see what happens in next few months with them. I still get tactile hallucinations(the feeling of being touched when no one is there) was never sure how to deal with this other than not freak out which I have had plenty of practise at. Currently very little visual hallucinations but they can happen again I think the key is not to freak out or read anything into them. I still wake few times a night this has been happeneing to me for years it doesn’t seem to adversely effect me . I don’t usually get nightmares anymore which were very bad and effecting my sleep for a good length of time. I whisper a few statements like, I will have good dreams, I will have peaceful dreams etc. This seems to keep dreams under control and mostly out of negative territory.

I started doing 20 mins mindfulness podcast on iTunes since start of the year every evening. Even do I have only started it I have found in work in stressful situations I seem to focus on my breath and immediately relax I intend to keep at it and see how it goes. Also found site on autogenics it looks interesting I intend to give that a go in the mornings before work if I can fit it in. Site link Autogenics  if anyone interested.

The sister has a facbook group about losing weight. Asked me about how much I lost and am maintaining. I have managed to maintain a weight loss of about 6 and a half stone. It kind of made me feel good about myself saying it on facebook. One person on facebook asked me about running marathon in Dublin , I just said enjoy the process and race day and forget about times.

I have considered going on dating website and going somewhere sunny on holidays but I have not decided on either of these and will just see how it goes. Currently saving money for extension but would consider saving some of this money for a holiday.

I have noticed I get a bit agitated in the house when people are in my personal space this is something I need to either get over or just make people aware off , I guess they don’t realise how much stress they are causing me.

I continue to see stuff about schizophrenics living shorter life spans and poor health etc. I feel this is all the more reason to take care of myself I would like to be around for another few years yet. It’s nice to realise this as in my thirties I just did not want to live which is a pretty shitty state of mind to have. Below is a link to one of this studies but at least it says physical health should be part of the treatment.

Study on health
Well that’s all my bits for the moment I plan to blog more this year as I believe it helps but most of the time I have nothing interesting to say. Hope this post finds you well.

Keep up the good fight 👌🏽