The film Split and day to day stuff

Just back from walk with dog. It’s rainy and windy here but I don’t mind to much , it’s good to get out of the house and clear the head. Just going to jot down some stuff from the week.

The Film Split:

Was planning to tell people at work I had schizophrenia last week but some one mentioned the film Split and that it was very good. Someone else mentioned that’s the guy thats psychotic. I thought if that’s what they thing psychotic is there is no way in hell I am telling them where I am at. Even if the film is good it certainly is not helping people with mental issues. I can’t help but wonder if they made a film sensationalising someone’s physical illness for example someone in a wheelchair and making them out to be dangerous. Would people still think the film is good. I read a review of someone who has the problem it think is called multiplicity, which is sensationalised in the film. It’s a very interesting read I would definitely recommend it. As it places a human face on the condition. See link below.

Review of film
I can’t help but thing films like this are a blow to people with any mental illness. I have yet to see the film and after reading review above on it I don’t think I ever will.


Voices quite enough, still throw the odd insult at me but discuss the occasional thing. My thought are still spinnng there wheels on telling work about myself being schizophrenic. I believe to practise mindfulness is useful as I am trying to be more aware of my thoughts and try to focus on the current moment more and try not to fixate my thoughts on any one topic. I can also spend a lot of time talking to myself and not paying much attention to what goes on around me I hope practising mindfullness will help to reduce the effect of this.


I have never been arrested for a violent crime. I am not a violent person but I can get annoyed at things. My mother acts like I am going to freak out and kill her if I act evenly slightly annoyed at anything, which is gas considering she can have brutally bad moods and bite the head off people. If I acted like her I would be sectioned in a day. Its like I have been given this label and I am no lounger allowed to get annoyed which I consider a very human thing to be. I guess she acts like this due to the stigma surrounding my label, it is a bit annoying having your own mother think like this. The link below I’d brief summary of people with mental illness and violence. It states people with a mental illness are more likely to experience violence than be perpetrators of violence. It’s quick read if you have time.

Violence and mental health

I had a dream where I was flying during the week in amongst the other crazy stuff. I felt free and very happy. It’s hard to describe I just felt very happy. I looked up the meaning of flying dreams , one mentioned a person who is happy or comfortable about something in waking life. Last night I had a dream about some sort of struggle in life and trying to explain to a child who was expressing the idea “what about the life were supposed to have”, I said in return that expectation can lead to disappointment it is better to accept the life you have and make the most of it. I might of read that Idea somewhere but I like the idea of it. The child looked very disappointed at this. I woke up at this stage.


One of the alarming statics about people with schizophrenia in Ireland is that life expentancy is 15 years shorter. I think that means I done at about 55 that’s about 14 to 15 years left.  I think I would like to buck the trend and live healthy lifestyle with some walking and running. Sorry if a bit morbid but I try to see problems down the road and deal with them now. If you try and eat healthy there is a mass of information contradicting each other. I found the following link interesting it goes into facts of the effect of fats fruit vegetables and salt on heart disease. Worth a look I you have time. Not sure if video still works but information printed on page.


I tried to find a positive pictures of schizophrenia and could not do so. The image above is from

Well I have ranted on long enough

Hope the week to come is a good one and if not you find the strength to get through.

Keep up the good fight👍🏼

Paranoia Versus Reality & day to day stuff

Hope your well. Just back from morning walk with dog. Feeling good as always after it. So going to jot down some stuff from the week.


It’s hard to explain paranoia. For me it’s like something small and unimportant occurs in life. Which triggers off a few problems in my brain. Which I then become obsessed with utterly and will just spin my wheels on the thought more or less driving me mad, but sometimes I think my mind is trying to come up with a solution to a perceived problem, I should say the problem may not be real. I will try to explain how this happened during the week with out sounding mad.

I basically think in work that people treat me as if I am very weird. Mostly because I guess I am weird. So I stay in a job for a period of time and when I think I no lounger fit in there I just find another job. I am starting to get the feeling it’s time to move on again. I think people are acting like I am up to something at work every time I use the toilet. I know that sounds odd but I am getting more and more paranoid about it and starting to get anxiety and just putting off having to use the toilet. Again no one has said anything but I base my paranoia on the way they are acting but I do realise I could just be making it up. 

During the week when it’s time to leave I say goodbye but no one responded one day. This triggered off a thought process that people don’t like me and just put up with me. I thought I was getting along as well as I ever do with people so I was quite disappointed with this. I tried to use the CBT thing where I tell myself there just busy and did not hear me but my brain was off at full speed trying to fix the problem. I was trying to figure if I should tell them I have schizophrenia hence explaining why I am well just weird to be around. When I say weird I just mean odd I am harmless enough. It’s a shame there is so much stigma around the illness it just complicates every thing. I spend a day or two having conversations on how to tell them even losing a bit of sleep because I was so fixated on the thought. I realised I was becoming fixated with the thought of telling them and imagining the conversations I would have. So I started to what I call police my thoughts very heavily. Every time I would stray on to the thought I would just gently stop it and try thing of something else. 

The only thing I can make of this thought process is I genuinely want to tell them. If I decide to do so. I will send an email saying to look at Eleanor Longden on ted talks and that there are some similarities between our lives and I just want to make them aware of this. Maybe I just want to explain why I act weird or distracted sometimes , it’s also probably worth mentioning people with schizophrenia are not weird, but they can act differently to things then expected I guess this does not make them weird just different. Like when my thought process or voices or both cause me to smirk in the office. I guess this looks weird but I did perceive something to make me laugh, again I guess it’s not weird just different to  what people perceive as normal.

I don’t know how they will react if I tell them or if I will just try to find another job. If I tell them given there reaction I may have to find a new job anyway , the stigma around schizophrenia really is a pain in the ass.

I also find writing about this to help put things in perspective, and helps stop spinning my wheels on the thoughts in my head. It’s odd how this may literary be all in my head for example the boss came out and said well done to some tricky stuff I figured out on program I use during the week which I don’t think I have heard him say to anyone in the office in the two years I have been there.

I also have a theory it can be useful to have someone with schizophrenia in the office. Ok just hear me out. Normal people or what society perceives as normal can sometimes view a problem from one direction only but my not so normal brain can view the problem from a completely different perspective giving a fresh perspective on the issue. I could be talking through my ass here but I think the idea has some merit.


The voices have been mostly quiet since my last therapy session. It was so quiet in my head during the week I felt a bit unnerved and had to fill my head full of thoughts. It’s like I am afraid of the quite in my head these days.


I continue to give instructions to my subconscious before I sleep. Which seems to work a treat . Have started to talk more in my dreams to people which is a lot better than violent stuff I saw in the past. Last night I was talking to a woman who said she was to ugly to have someone, my sleep self said there is someone for everyone and fuck to whatever you think is wrong with yourself. I guess this is good advice for anyone. Also if people in my sleep are different aspects of the self, does some part of myself see myself as ugly , I don’t see myself as ugly but the schizophrenia is a bit of an issue when looking for a partner. Not sure what to make of this. I believe dreams can be useful in understanding ourselfs.

Well I’ve ranted on long enough thanks for reading

Keep up,the good fight ✊🏻

Therapy God and day to day stuff

Hope your well. Just back from a walk with my dog. Nice dry day but very cold. Feeling well so decided to place a few thoughts from the week here. Might be a bit heavy as always so give a miss if your already feeling down.


Was in therapy during the week. The topic of God came up. She questioned me on where do I thing my grandfather who abused me was , so I said hell. When she questioned why I  should go to heaven , I replied I try to be good . She reacted like this was important, I did not particularly like comparing where my grandfather is to where I would like to end up, just didn’t seem right. I mentioned I Don’t believe in an God who does anything in the world. From what I have experienced and what I see in the world. She countered this by saying what about people like Ghandi and Nelson Mandela and we are here to learn things from this life. I replied by saying if there is anything to learn from surviving child abuse, I don’t want to learn it. I guess believing in God is a personal choice. I believe it is beneficial to believe in god for a few reasons but I just can’t have anything to do with organised religion espically because of the way the clergy dealt with child abuse in Ireland and other countries. The thoughts off an all seeing and knowing God just sitting there and watching children being abused, I guess I just can’t come to terms with. I think I have anger issues with God , not sure how to deal with that.

Had a flat tire on the bike when I came out of therapy. I thought I dealt with it well. I just rang insurance company who picked up bike within 40 minutes. I got a spin from my sister home 5 minutes later. I was home and eating my dinner with an hour of getting flat. So it was not so bad I guess. Was up and running with bike the next day.


The brother in laws mother passed away. I know she had problems with her mental health and had Parkinson’s at the end. She could not eat and spend all of her time  just sitting down. People kept says not things like she does not have a life worth living. Despite this she fought to the very end to live. I would go to the funeral but the last time I went to a funeral I was in a severely phychotic state of mind and came within in a hairs breath of creating a scene at the funeral home. Also when it came to carry the coffin in to the church my cousin in front of the whole crowd outside the church said in a mocking tone with a smile on his face I heard you went mad. I had an odd reaction my brain just blacked out and I saw nothing for a second. He saw this and said with some excitement look you are , I think this reapeted a few times , with me blacking out each time , I guess my brain just wasn’t ready to deal with certain things and that’s how I reacted. I eventually said what are you doing we are here to pay our respects to my aunt and nothing else. I still can’t believe he did this in front of the whole crowd gathered outside the church. I decided not to go to funerals anymore not sure how that’s going to work out in the long run just have to see how it goes.


Woke up early one morning with a voice I call Beatrice calling me an asshole reapetly non stop. I thought to myself who do it turn to at this time of the morning, since no one was around. I decided to turn to the voice calling me names , the only thing I could thing causing me any stress at some level, was when I go back to sleep at this time in the morning in the past I would wake up to disturbing dreams. So I said don’t worry I will give instructions to my subconscious before I go to sleep to keep everything fine. She said fuck off your not going back to sleep. I gave some instructions to my subconscious self like I will have peaceful sleep etc. The voice quitened down and I fell back to a peaceful sleep. They have been very quite since my therapy session during the week. They mostly repeat the same stuff but sometimes they can be a little friendly. I am never sure how to react when they are friendly.


Had some thoughts yesturday about people watching me with cameras in the house and cooks commenting on the food I was cooking. I love having the kitchen to myself to cook food. Anyway I did not actually believe I was being spied on just that I had thoughts about it. I thought that maybe I was lonely and wanted to share aspects of my life with someone. Might run this past my therapist next time I see her see what she says. The end result of this is I want to give a summary of what I did yesturday just to share with someone. So her goes.

Woke up early got out of bed and went for 8mile maff run. It went well I was happy with the run. Came home had coffee with double cream and an omelette with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. See picture below. Cod liver oil is the only thing I add to my diet other  whole foods.

Had an apple later on in the day did some stuff online and bit of shopping.Made some bars which I will cut up and eat during the week at work, see recipe on link below. They taste much nicer than they look if you can get mix of ingredients right. See picture below


For dinner got pork mince in the butcher, made burgers with garlic in them. And fried a courgette onions mushrooms tomatoes in coconut oil, And a small drop of wine. See picture below.

On the weekends for dessert I make a cake and eat with cream it tastes great and has no sugar or flour in it. See picture below.

I watched a bit of T.V. . Practised some mindfullness meditation and went to bed.

Feel free to comment on food in pictures if it looks good or bad but trust me it all taste good.

Well I have rambled on long enough, hope your weekend is going well.

Keep up the good fight👌🏽

I guess life is not as bad as I thought.

Trigger warning:child abuse,language.

During the week we got a phone call that my niece, who is 12 years old, was on the phone, with some video link with two other girls around the country. One of them invited a man from Abroad into the video link and that he may have done something explicit on the phone. My niece would not talk about it and they asked her mother to come up to Dublin to talk to her. We got the phone call when her mother was on the train to Dublin in a distraught state. I was having my dinner at the time and as expected got upset at the news. I might be sensitive to the topic from my experience of child abuse but I was surprised ever one else was so calm. I was doing my best to not cry but they all seemed fine. I then went on facebook and saw something about Trump and I could not help but think the world is just a fucked place to be. I got up early the next morning and decided to offer my savings in credit union to pay for any therapy my niece might need. Her mother text me back saying  she was fine that on my nieces phone she got no video and cut the guy off after 1min and basically saw nothing. Thank God for iPhones. My niece basically could not understand why her mother had come all the way to Dublin to see her. This was a great relief. I also see Trumps ban on certain people travelling has been blocked for now. I guess even when life does look fucked it can turn around and unfuck itself just as lively as it went bad.

Just back from the morning walk with the dog and feel prettie good about life. The reduced dose of medication seems to be going fine. There was one week over new year when things got bad with the voices but January seems to be going fine. I am trying to not react to anything negative the voices say and just accept my life as it is, and when I do react I have a habit of taking the piss out of them a bit.

 I used to have a lot of sexually violent and just violent stuff in general in my dreams which I used to find profoundly disturbing. I have read that people who experience things I have can experience this.I started to give what I call my sleep self instructions before I go to sleep. Things like I will be calm cool and collective in m dreams, I will have peaceful dreams, I will look for peaceful solutions to problems in my dreams, I will show everyone that consent is essential in my dreams. Been doing this a few months and the turn around in my dreams is amazing. There might be the odd thing but for the most part I have peaceful dreams and if anything sexual occurs in my dreams it’s just normal stuff. I could not be happier at the turnaround in my dreams over a few months by just giving few instructions before my sleep. I read somewhere that the subconscious may not understand not statements, like I will not have violent dreams so I avoid statements like this. I don’t wake as much at night anymore which is nice but can still do so some nights but as previosly mentioned, but for the most part I can sleep for seven hours without interruption.

 I did have a thought about something in work get stuck in my head during the week which I used to find  impossible to deal with in the past but I went for a run and tried to be very aware of what I was thinking and just put it out of my mind. I also had an odd feeling during the week where I was afraid off my own thoughts was not sure what to make of it but it seemed to work itself out not to bothered about it at the moment.

I came across a site on another blog which places mental and physical health issues next to each other. Found few interesting blogs about Phychosis and schizophrenia. Definitely worth a look if you have not seen it. See link here The mighty.

I try to fit in mindfulness meditation and autogenics every evening miss the odd evening when tired. I definitely find it helps with the mood I don’t feel as reactionary to things that happen around me. Things that would have annoyed me I just seem to smile at. That said things still annoy me just not as much.

I am considering going to holiday in Australia in December but not sure yet. I think I could pay for it with the overtime I do in work. Doing overtime every morning hope it lasts for another while. I stopped taking on work from previous employer as I just want evenings and weekends to myself and just don’t want the extra work.

Started back running maff after 2 weeks out with my cold. Thankfully my times at maff are not as slow as I expected after a break. Will gradually increase my miles over next month or so and hopefully continue to build my aerobic base. I will try not to expect anything just see how it goes.

Well that is all I have to ramble on about for now.

I guess from this week I should keep in mind even if things look dark they can turn around quite lively.

Keep up the good fight 👍🏼😀