Thi Chi & The voices are quite I wonder what there up too.

I am enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon about to put on dinner. Hope this post finds you well.

Tried Thi Chi workshop thing this morning. It was interesting. The Thi chi was bit confusing but interesting. She is starting class’s next month might join them. It was mostly woman in class I spoke to 2 people in the time I was there.

She had tea break half way through, which meant people were talking to each other. I still find it amazing how absolutely alone I feel in a room full of people talking. I felt my mood go downhill but kept a mantra I use in my mind in conjunction with some breathing and got through break with out leaving mood drop to low.

She did ask did people get tinkling in there hands during excercise. She called this Chi I did not mention anything as I get sensations in my hands all the time not sure if same thing.

One of the meditations she did you had to focus on people you love and trust. I was utterly fucked if I could thing of people so just smiled to myself and thought it was a bit sad I could think of just about no one I trust that really gets me, I did think of my blog and some of people n here but not sure how to work that into meditation 😉but it did not bother me more then that.

I continue to mix and match various meditations depending on my mood and time. I thing it does help the mind. I can mostly see a train of thought go down a negative path early on and just focus on my breath and mantra or just blank my mind. It stops the flow of negative or just plain mad thoughts from going into full swing. It is also super relaxing. Some nights my legs and arms would be absolutely roasting from it. I believe this is effect of autogenics.

I have only done a few yoga classes but I believe already I can feel a difference in just general moving around. It just seems less achy which is great. There was only one woman in last class with myself I even spoke to her briefly, which I considered a minor victory.

I continue to just interact with my voices just at night time when I play sounds of the forest. They are mostly quiet. To be fair they used to say a lot to stop talking to them. I am finding I am paying more attention to people around me and trying to talk to them more, not sure how I come across but I guess if I am not talking to my voices I need someone to talk to.

On another note I sometimes wonder was the world always this crazy with the stuff in the news.and If you went back 1000years was it still as mad. I just wonder from time to time.

I have rambled on long enough. I am off to make dinner.

Keep up the good fight✊🏾

8 thoughts on “Thi Chi & The voices are quite I wonder what there up too.

  1. Thanks for the recent comment on my blog post. I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts and as the previous blog comment stated. I would love to hear how things progress for you with yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation. I teach Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga, and meditation so I love to hear how these practices affect people.
    I’m holding you in a golden light of love. I know it can be hard. I find it sometimes hard to get out of my house even when I know I will feel much better if I do. Sometimes it is hard to make myself do my practices, even though I love them and they make me feel wonderful. That’s why teaching is good for me. I have to do it! Haha! And I love it.

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      1. Today is a good day. Beautiful outside. I taught yoga. Think it was a good class. Taught Qigong in my field and have been laying out there ever since watching videos on the Alexander Technique. Trying to decide if I want to get training.
        Chatting a bit with someone nice I met on Tinder. (Not for a hook-up. Haha. Not my style.)
        Hope you are having a good day too.
        I will go to my Kung Fu class soon. : )

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