Our Differences Make the Difference

Shower thoughts #2

(Below is just my opinion it is never meant to give offence. I am sorry if you choose to take offense)

How we now. Was thinking of Superbowl and how two teams come together for the big game. I was also thinking about Ideologies/Science/Religion and Spirituality etc.  These two sports teams train in different ways and play in different ways, usually anyway given my limited sports knowledge. Ideologies/Science/Religion and Spirituality also they have completely different practices.

These Sports teams on the day can turn up play a brilliant game feeling they put it all out there. The fans on both sides can look on and genuinely enjoy the effort and sportsmanship and display. Screaming their hearts out for their team. The fans knowing, they watched a great game with great sportsmanship watching their team give it their all. Even then the fans of the losing team smiling at the end might say “Great game we will get you f**kers next year.” Shaking the hands of opposing fans with a smile and tongue in cheek.

Ideologies/Science/Religion and Spirituality etc. These people can literally have passionate debates about stuff in a nonaggressive way. They may not agree on anything, but I still like to think there is a common ground.

Almost all want to improve humankind for its better (I hope). Their practices like the teams might be radically different. The aim should at least be the same. It is hard for me to imagine one of these not agreeing to say compassion and love for each other and living in peace for all of us.

I am not sure why they would argue about their practices with anger and single mindedness in their mind given their end goal which to me is the same. The common ground is a better world for all.

In my mind Ideologies/Science/Religion and Spirituality that are not looking for a better world for all and argue about their practice and world view and have people looking on that buy into the same vibe creating division when at some level it should be doing the opposite. To me, it is like the sports teams showing up on the day playing with poor sportsmanship and the fans looking on replicating same and fighting and rioting in the stands.

I also realize the safety in your tribe mentality was useful in our past, but the world is bigger there are more of us. Doing all sorts of things if we do not let things go and just agree to get along or something resembling it nothing is changing. We just keep chugging along as we are right now. There is love in the world, and we get things right, but I like to think we got more in us.

The common ground is love and peace and a better world for all and that means all, I really hope to meet someone there.

Have a great day.

Love and Light Keep up the good Fight.

Below is link to self-care cards I am trying to get up and running any help appreciated. http://gf.me/u/zfb9q3

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