Rant about mental institutions

I just need a little rant about mental institutions.

I requested a copy of my records in St. Pats in Dublin a place where nutters like me go when where ill. In them they said I was not engaging with staff in conversion. What it does not say is I tried to engage with staff in previous mental institution St. Michaels and I know subject matter was difficult but I was having severe episode. This members of  staff acted shocked and one treated me like something he would scrap off the end of his shoe and wanted nothing to do with me. Given I am a paranoid schizophrenic it was no surprise I did not trust or try to engage with staff much after that.

It also read that I had a positive youth with no history of being sexually abused in my files from St. Pats, not sure whose youth they where talking about but it was not mine. In the file it had a letter from St. Michaels to St. Pats stating I had been sexually abused which if they had read it they would have known. I might have started to deal with this issue than rather than trying to face it 8 years later.

Ok rant over .

If you are in Ireland and in your mental health is giving trouble, all said and done I would recommend St. Pats the staff are friendly and it is a nice environment. Given my state of mind I don’t think they could have helped more than they did.

Keep on trucking


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